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Description of MUD CLOTH BLANKET

The Baobab Collective was created to provide a range sustainably sourced and ethically crafted blankets and throws in an abundance of timeless designs. Crafted in South Africa, the 'My Africa' range pays homage to the African tribes and their culture, heritage and beliefs. The beautiful tribal prints will offer a uniquely wonderful aesthetic to your home decor while providing warmth and comfort for the whole family.  The range is hypoallergenic with no added toxins or chemicals, making it suitable for kids and pets.

Mali Mud Cloth

The traditional dyed cotton fabrics of the people of Maliare the inspiration behind this intricate mud cloth throw. Since its early roots in this rich culture, it is the men’s duty to weave the fabric, after which it is handed over to the women. They dye the fabric, using mud that has been fermented for up to a year. The fabric is then dried in the sun
and symbolic patterns are painted on by hand. Traditionally worn by hunters, the patterns are rich in cultural significance, referring to historical events, mythological
concepts or proverbs. The rock art in the Sahara Desert suggests that northern Mali has been inhabited since 10,000 BC, when the Sahara was fertile and rich in wildlife. By 300 BC, large organised settlements had developed, most notably near Djenné, one of West Africa's oldest cities. Carrying a rich heritage, this high quality throw signifies  craftsmanship and proud cultural tradition, beautifully woven together to bring you an authentic connection to your own African Story.

Key Features

Size: 79" x 90" (200cm x 230cm)

Style: Throw/wrap

Materials: Cotton Blend